Venetian blinds is an old Persian invention which was brought to Venice by the Explorers. The latest patent taken out on Venetian blinds was in 1888, where Georg Castner patented a system to improve the way cords adjust the angle of the slats. And that same system is actually used today in most Venetian Blinds.

For almost 130 years, no development has been made with Venetian blinds. No product development, no new technology – just the same old principle!

And honestly, traditional Venetian blinds are brilliant at softening light and at shielding for sunlight. You can get privacy with blinds while you enjoy getting light in. But they also have disadvantages: Slats cannot tilt to vertical and thus they cannot darken a room, they let sunlight in through the holes in the slats… and as we all know, they are a nightmare to clean.

Art Andersen, who has worked professionally with sun shading for 35 years, decided to re-invent and re-design the classic Venetian blind – to keep the advantages and remove the disadvantages! And they did well….

We named them: Copenhagen Blinds.

Copenhagen Blinds have a unique system: the lift-cord is integrated into the ladder-cords.
Perhaps it sounds a bit technical, but it does give huge advantages:

  • Copenhagen Blinds can pretty much darken a room because the slats can be almost vertical
  • The slats have no holes in them, so no sunlight will shine through the blinds
  • Finally, the slats can easily be removed and cleaned - or even replaced

In addition, Art Andersen made Copenhagen Blinds ’smart’. The blinds are motorized, driven by a re-chargeable battery and entirely wireless – and you can control your Copenhagen Blinds at home or when you are travelling via a smartphone app.

You can even schedule automatic movements of the blinds, so they open and close to fit your weekly rhythm. You can define 'scenes', certain positions for e.g. TV watching and you can name and group your blinds.

Later in 2017, we will launch a sunlight sensor. You can then place the sunlight sensor in the window and avoid reflections and overheating by letting the sensor control the position of your Copenhagen Blinds automatically.

But, that’s not all. With Copenhagen Blinds, you can get a light sensor which automatically will adjust your blinds when the sunlight is too much and the heat is worst. That will prevent dazzling, overheating and bleaching from the sun’s damaging UV-beams.

Copenhagen Blinds are fitted with a rechargeable battery, so you will not have to mount electricity in the windows. The battery will last 6-9 months on one three-hour charging, and you will get a notification on your smartphone in due time before you need to recharge.

And that’s the story about how an antient product has been given new life with re-design and new technology: Copenhagen Blinds by Art Andersen CPH.


Cleaning has never been easier

Cleaning has never been easier with Copenhagen Blinds
The new construction of Copenhagen Blinds where the slats are placed on the ladder-cord means the slats can easily be lifted out one-by-one, cleaned with a damp cloth and inserted again...
…and if you are unlucky, and a slat is bended, scratched or damaged, then you can simple order a new slat and replace the damaged one. It can’t be easier!