Copenhagen Blinds Inspiration


Art Andersen’s vision was to re-create the classic Venetian Blind which has many advantages, but also a few disadvantages. We have solved those with Copenhagen Blinds by totally re-thinking and re-inventing the classic blind - a new concept for sun-shading. The minimalistic design fits into a Danish design tradition and any modern ‘smart home’.

The new construction will give you several advantages like easy cleaning, fewer strings and the ability to darken a room.

Copenhagen Blinds are motorized and wirelessly controlled. They are extremely silent and they offer a number of smart functions to improve the quality of your life at home.

Copenhagen Blind are made-to-measure especially for you to fit your windows. Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks.



Wireless, soundless and easy to clean

  • The new design means the slats can easily be removed for cleaning or even replacement of damaged slats.

    Easy cleaning
  • Copenhagen Blinds are very silent, which makes them ideal both for use at home and for professional use.

  • Intuitive programming makes it easy to schedule automatic movements of your blinds over a day or a week.

  • An accessory for Copenhagen Blinds is a sunlight sensor which will help you adjust your blinds automatically.

    Automatic movements


Intuitive control, always nearby!

The Copenhagen Blinds app transforms your smartphone into an intuitive remote control. When you are nearby and when you are travelling, you can…

  • Raise, lower and tilt your Copenhagen Blinds
  • Schedule your automatic movements to fit your daily rhythm
  • Receive in-app notifications – e.g. when your Copenhagen Blinds needs to be recharged


App-controlled, battery powered smart home technology

  • User interface is simple and intuitive. When you download the special Art Andersen CPH app, you have a remote control right in your hands.

    Check the app
  • Travelling? No problem! Thanks to the wireless technology, you can now control your blinds via the app from whereever you are in the world.

  • Charged 2-4 times/year, depending on the use and size. You do not need to install power in the windowsill to enjoy your Copenhagen Blinds.

  • Copenhagen Blinds are using Z-Wave technology for communication, the most common and tested technology for smart home solutions.

    Z-Wave Plus


Cleaning blinds has never been easier...

Most people think cleaning blinds is a nightmare, and it usually is - but not with Copenhagen Blinds! Check this:

The slats can easily be removed one-by-one and cleaned with a damp cloth or even placed in the dishwasher. After cleaning, it is easy to place the slats back in the blinds.

Yes, cleaning is easier with Copenhagen Blinds!

And should you be unlucky and get a crack or a bump in a slat - then just order a new one to replace the damaged.