Copenhagen Blinds for Business use



Your work day is full of changes!

Copenhagen Blinds create the right conditions for you in the board room, at the office, in your clinic or when you need darkening for your business presentation.

  • Easy remote control for all employees
  • Prevent dazzling and reflections in your screens
  • Keep the heat out
  • Reduce the risk for break-ins

Copenhagen Blinds offer the lowest level of sound on the market for automatic sun-shading. When Copenhagen Blinds are raised or lowered, the sound is less than 50 db and when the slats are tilted less than 40 db.
That equals the noise in a quiet office or the sound of slow rain.

Copenhagen Blinds for your office
Copenhagen Blinds for your Board Room

Soundless and wireless to create great working conditions

  • Copenhagen Blinds can be moved silently. You can therefore adjust them with out interrupting colleagues at the office or during a meeting.

    Soundless adjustment
  • Copenhagen Blinds are controlled wirelessly with your smartphone and you can invite your colleagues to use the free Art Andersen CPH app.

    Wireless technology
  • You can easily schedule your movements of Copenhagen Blinds e.g. to open in the morning and close in the evening.

    Automated movements
  • Copenhagen Blinds can be controlled from a Wall Controller or with a smartphone app - and you will get notifications in the app.

    Smartphone app


Intuitive control - right at the palm of your hands.

In just a few seconds the Copenhagen Blinds App changes your and your colleagues' smartphones into intuitive remote controls.

  • Raise, lower and tilt your Copenhagen Blinds
  • Set schedules on the blinds to fit your work rhythm
  • Set scenarios – e.g. a ‘Presentation Scenario’
  • Control Copenhagen Blinds at different locations like different offices or different floors
  • Invite your colleagues as user of the free app
  • Receive in-app notifications of important events, such as: your blinds need to be recharged

Even though Copenhagen Blinds are motorized, you do not have to mount electricity in your windows. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you power for 6-9 months on a three hour recharge. Hence, you only need to recharge twice per year!


Measure for Copenhagen Blinds

Correct measurement for Copenhagen Blinds is important!

It is not easy but it is certainly doable. Follow our online video guide for correct measurements.


Measurement guide