Copenhagen Blinds White Price from 536 EUR

Matt white surface with an elegant new nordic look


The matt white slats and the elegant top cylinder has a unique light, bright and distinctive nordic look.  The White Copenhagen Blinds gives a pleasant diffuse light in the room.


Copenhagen Blinds unite perfect design and innovative functionality. The wireless blinds are easily controlled from a Wall Controller or the intuitive Copenhagen Blinds smartphone- and tablet app.

Communication between the Internet and your local units, Copenhagen Blinds and accessories, is based on Z-Wave technology - the most used technology for Smart Home appliances in the world. Read more about it under Smart Home below...

A fusion of minimalistic design and intelligent functionality

Copenhagen Blinds unite design and intelligent functionality. You have full control over your indoor climate and sun-shading with your smartphone from wherever you are. Copenhagen Blinds can even be programmed to follow your daily rhythm.

Soft light – silent motion

The minimalistic design fits into every home and office environment. Copenhagen Blinds are silent, and the slats have a silky surface, which makes the light soft, diffuse and pleasant to the eye.

Slats are easily cleaned

The Copenhagen Blinds slats can easily be taken out one by one and cleaned with a damp cloth. You can also replace one or more slats if necessary.

Technical data

Power: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 3200 mAh
Power supply: ACK1610 charger 14,4 to 16,8 V DC, 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz. Note: only the supplied charger may be used to charge Copenhagen Blinds
Charging: Fully charged in 3 hours, which will give 6-9 months normal use. - Depends on how often you use them and the size of the blinds. Permanent charger plug-in is not necessary but an option
Control: Via the Art Andersen CPH app for iOS or Android, or via a Wall Controller (accessory)
Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus
Material: Top tube, slats and bottom weights are all made of aluminium, cords are polyester, buttons and cord-holders are plastic
Colour: White: RAL 9016
To be used: For indoor sun-shading only
Sizes: Copenhagen Blinds are made to measure in width from 60 to 160 cm, and in hight from 60 to 250 cm
Cleaning: Slats can be removed for simple and effective cleaning. Use a soft cotton cloth, damped with hot water and ph-neutral cleaner
Warranty: Art Andersen CPH provides a two year warranty on Copenhagen Blinds and accessories


Z-Wave is a wireless radio-communication protocol first developed by the Danish company Zensys (today: Sigma). Z-Wave is designed for control and surveillance of electrical appliances at home and in offices. Z-Wave is designed to use low bandwidth and has extremely low power consumption.

Z-Wave in Europe communicate on 868.42 MHz, thereby avoiding interference from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other systems using the 2,4 GHz band. Z-Wave is a low-energy network, where the appliances can be set to 'snooze' between the communication. This feature helps secure the low power consumption and long battery lifetime.

Z-Wave is also very secure. It uses the same 128bit encryption as most payment and banking systems.

There are close to 100 million appliances using Z-Wave technology. That makes Z-Wave the most used technology for Smart Home equipment in the World.


Measure for Copenhagen Blinds

Correct measurement for Copenhagen Blinds is important!

It is not easy but it is certainly doable. Follow our online video guide for correct measurements.


Measurement guide

The new design means the slats can easily be removed for cleaning or even replacement.

Thanks to the wireless technology you can control your blinds from whereever you are in the World.

The blinds are equipped with a rechargeable battery with power for about ½ year. Depending on use/size.

Silent adjustments of Copenhagen Blinds makes them pleasant for any private or business use.

Copenhagen Blinds use Z-Wave technology, the most common technology for smart home solutions.

With the special app your smartphone is turned into a user friendly remote control.