Sunlight Sensor Price 95 EUR

Sunlight Sensor - makes your blinds intelligent

Place a Sunlight Sensor in your windows and make your Copenhagen Blinds intelligent!

By adding a Sunlight Sensor to your installation, the sunlight is measured continously, and your blinds can then automatically adjust themselves to keep the heat from the sun at a minimum. You will also avoid the bleaching UV-beams from the sun as well as the reflections in your computer screens. Sunlight Sensor is wireless and is delivered with batteries included.

With the Sunlight Sensor you get automation so that the blinds can mind the blind business - and make your life easier!

Sunlight Sensor - measures the sunlight and adjusts your Copenhagen Blinds automatically

By mounting a Sunlight Sensor in your windows and adding it to your installation, the sunlight is measured automatically and will adjust themselves. This way you can avoid overheating of the room, avoid the damaging UV-beams and avoid the sunlight reflections if your computer screens.

The Sunlight Sensor is correctly placed between the glass and the blinds and in a way so it points directly towards the sun. Following, onthe app, you can decide which blinds the Sunlight Sensor should control and you can control exactly how much sunlight it shall take before the blinds should position themselves in three positions: closed, half open or open. Obviously, you can also easily overrule the automatic adjustment if you suddendly feel an urge to see the sun. Sunlight Sensor is incl. 2 pcs. of CR123A batteries.

Technical data

Sunlight Sensor: Sunlight Sensor is a Copenhagen Blinds accessory for automatic adjustment of the blinds according to the level of sunlight
Power: With the incl. 2 pcs. of CR123A batteries
Mounting: The correct way to mount the Sunlight Sensor is between the window glass and the blinds and with an angle so that it points towards the sun. The Sunlight Sensor can be mounted with the delivered stickers and/or on the foot with screws.
Cleaning: Wipe off with a damp cloth
Warranties: Art Andersen CPH gives 2 years warranty on Copenhagen Blinds and accessories


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Z-Wave in Europe is communicated on 868.42 MHz and thereby avoiding interference from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other systems using the 2,4 GHz band. Z-Wave is a low-energy network, where the appliances can be set to 'snooze' between the communication. This helps secure the low power consumption and long battery lifetime.

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