SafetyHandle Price 99 EUR

Leave home with a safe feeling...

Smart windows and doors will let you know if you forgot to lock them!

Change your handles to SafetyHandles on your windows and pario-/balcony doors and get safety by anways knowing if they are open or locked.

    With the App you can always see if your windows and/or patio-/balcony doors are open or locked
    You get a notification if if they have been open more than 10 minuts
    In the App you get a log to tell you when and how long the windows and doors have been open and closed

You gte the information directly into your Art Andersen CPH App.

SafetyHandle needs an Art Andersen CPH Gateway to work.

SafetyHandle will give you smart windows and doors

Change the handles on your windows and patio-/balcony doors and get safety by knowing if the windows and doors are open or locked.
That information is given straight into your Art Andersen CPH App. That way you cal always feel safe!

In the App you can also add Copenhagen Blinds, Danfoss Thermostats and smart lightswitches to control the sunshading, heating and light in your home.

SafetyHandlescan be mounted on windows and patio-/balcony doors with and they work in confunction with the Art Andersen CPH Gateway.
SafetyHandle is supplied in two versions:

    SafetyHandle - right / top
    SafetyHandle - left / top

Technical data

Material/colour: Aluminium silver
Working temperature: 0 to 45° C
Battery: 2 pcs. AAAA batteries (batteries are supplied in the pack)
Battery life time: At normal use: 2 years
Size: 178 x 60 x 43 mm
Warranty: 2 year warranty
Split: Handle has a 8 mm split
Z-Wave: Z-Wave Plus Certified
Range: 15 meters


Z-Wave is wireless radio-communication protocol first developed by the Danish company Zensys (today: Sigma). Z-Wave is designed for control and surveillance of electronic appliances at home and in offices. Z-Wave is designed using low bandwidth and has extremely low power consumption.

Z-Wave in Europe is communicated on 868.42 MHz and thereby avoiding interference from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other systems using the 2,4 GHz band. Z-Wave is a low-energy network, where the appliances can be set to 'snooze' between the communication. This helps secure the low power consumption and long battery lifetime.

There are close to 100 million appliances using Z-Wave technology. That makes Z-Wave the most used technology for Smart Home equipment in the World.