Art Andersen CPH Gateway Price 139 EUR

Gateway - mandatory for all installations

The Z-Wave Plus Gateway secures easy installation of your blinds.

The Gateway is mandatory for each network with Copenhagen Blinds, and will connect them to your existing Internet connection.

Gateway is mandatory!

Every installation of Copenhagen Blinds requires a Gateway!

And with a Gateway you can control over 200 blinds and accessories.

An Art Andersen CPH Gateway creates a local wireless low-energy network in your home. The Gateway is the bridge between your Internet Router and the local network. The local network will then communicate with your Copenhagen Blinds, with your Smart Home accessories.

Normally a gateway has a range to cover your home, or an office. But in certain conditions the range is limited by concrete walls, metal or electronic noise. If that happens you need an Extender & Power Plug between your Gateway and your Copenhagen Blinds.

Technical data

Gateway: Z-Wave Plus Gatway developed especially for Art Andersen CPH
Power supply: Ktec AC adapter, 5,0 V DC, 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz. Note: only the supplied Gateway-charger may be used for the Gateway
Range: The Gateway has a range of approx. 30 meter depending if walls and similar obstacles
Cleaning: Can be cleaned with a damp cloth
Warranty: Art Andersen CPH offers two years warranty on Copenhagen Blinds and accessories


Z-Wave is wireless radio-communication protocol first developed by the Danish company Zensys (today: Sigma). Z-Wave is designed for control and surveillance of electric appliances at home and in offices. Z-Wave is designed using low bandwidth and has extremely low power consumption.

Z-Wave in Europe communicated on 868.42 MHz, thereby avoiding interference from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other systems using the 2,4 GHz band. Z-Wave is a low-energy network, where the appliances can be set to 'snooze' between the communication. This help secure the low power consumption and long battery lifetime.

There are close to 100 million appliances using Z-Wave technology. That makes Z-Wave the most used technology for Smart Home equipment in the World.