Danfoss Thermostat Price 59 EUR


Add Danfoss Radiator Thermostats to your installation of Copenhagen Blinds and optimize your heating, just like you optimize your sun shading.

You can control your blinds and thereby avoid overheating with Copenhagen Blinds and the free Art Andersen CPH App - and you can use the same app to control your radiators at home.

Danfoss Thermostats can be added directly to your installation allowing you to control your heating without further costs using your App.

Danfoss Digital Radiator Thermostats can be mounted on all radiators - on most without further fittings, and on some older models with an adaptor (which is for sale at most plumbing suppliers).

Danfoss Radiator Thermostat - optimize your heating by remote control directly from your Smartphone!

Danfoss Radiator Thermostats are present in most homes in Scandinavia and large parts of Europe. Danfoss has now developed their thermostats into a digital Z-Wave controlled thermostat.
Art Andersen CPH and Danfoss has initiated a strategic co-operation, where Danfoss' thermostats are integrated with Copenhagen Blinds. That means, now you can use the Copenhagen Blinds App to control your blinds and thereby avoid overheating from the sun - and you can use the same app to control the heating from your radiators.
In other words, with the free Art Andersen CPH App, you can optimize your heating, so you get optimal positive effect from the sun's natural heating, combined with heating from your radiators. The App will obviously work regardless of your are at home or travelling, and your can therefore remote control your radiators together with your Copenhagen Blinds from your smartphone.

Danfoss Thermostat: Danfoss Radiator Thermostat is an accessory for Copenhagen Blinds made for automatic adjustment of the heating
Type of Thermostat: Programmable electronic radiator valve controller
Power supply: 2x1.5V AA alkaline, class III. Batteries are supplied with the Thermostat. Rechargeable battery are not allowed.
Power consumption: 3 µW in standby and 1,2 W in active mode
Battery life time: Up to 2 years.
Software class: Software class A
Security class: Type 1
Recommended use: Homes (polution class 2)
Mecanical power: 70 N (maximal force from the valve)
Maximum water temperature: 90° C
Type of movement: Linear
Range: Temperature in the surroundings 0° C to 40° C
Temperatur range: From 4° C to 28° C
Size: L: 91 mm Ø: 51 mm (RA)
Ball pressure test: 75° C
Note: The thermostats may not be used in dangerous installations or in places , where it can be exposed for water. Security tested and EMC-demands according to EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9 and EN 60730-2-14.


This version of Danfoss Thermostats communicates via Z-Wave with Art Andersen CPH's Gateway and App. Thermostats bought for the Danfoss Living system cannot be used in conjunction with Art Andersen CPH, as they run a different communications protocol.

Z-Wave is wireless radio-communication protocol first developed by the Danish company Zensys (today: Sigma). Z-Wave is designed for control and surveillance of electronic appliances at home and in offices. Z-Wave is designed using low bandwidth and has extremely low power consumption.

Z-Wave in Europe is communicated on 868.42 MHz and thereby avoiding interference from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other systems using the 2,4 GHz band. Z-Wave is a low-energy network, where the appliances can be set to 'snooze' between the communication. This helps secure the low power consumption and long battery lifetime.

There are close to 100 million appliances using Z-Wave technology. That makes Z-Wave the most used technology for Smart Home equipment in the World.