Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your sun-shading, by installing the free app. You can lift and tilt your Copenhagen Blinds with the app. You can also set schedules and program your blinds to follow your daily rhythm.

Wireless, soundless and timeless

  • User interface is simple and intuitive. When you download the special Art Andersen CPH app, you have a remote control right in your hands.

    Check the app
  • Travelling? No problem! Thanks to the wireless technology you can now control your blinds via the app from wherever you are in the world.

    No wires...
  • Charging your blinds twice/year is enough. depending on the use and size. You don't need to install power in the windowsill.

  • Cleaning has never been easier! With the new design the slats can easily be removed for cleaning or even for replacement of damaged slats.

    Easy cleaning


Copenhagen Blinds launches Danfoss Thermostats

Now, your can also control your Danfoss Radiator Thermostats with your Copenhagen Blinds app!

You can optimize your radiator-heating just like you optimize the effect from the sun's natural heating in your home with your blinds.

With the Copenhagen Blinds App you control your blinds and thereby your can avoid overheating from the sun - and now, you can use the same app to optimize on your radiator heating at your home.

Copenhagen Blinds and Danfoss Thermostats - a great alternative to the Danfoss Living system!


Buy Danfoss Termostats

Inspiration and references for private and business use

In your home: Invite light in and keep the heat out
Copenhagen Blinds gives you stylish sun-shading, easy cleaning and intuitive control. They will help you avoid overheating and improve your interior climate.
At your office: create the perfect working conditions
Copenhagen Blinds will help you create the perfect working conditions in your board room, at your office and when you need darkening for presentations.

Measure for Copenhagen Blinds

Correct measurement for Copenhagen Blinds is important!

It is not easy - but it is certainly doable. Follow our online video guide for correct measurements.


Measurement guide